WordPress SEO Images

WordPress SEO Images

SEO image Manager, Improve google images ranking.

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28 February 2013


25 February 2013


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Its workings are very simple: once you activate the plugin (located in the "settings" tab) we get a "SEO Images" option which will allow us to introduce the text for the watermarking which will be added to the images which Goggle catches from our site.
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About WordPress SEO Images

How to install WordPress SEO Images

Setup is simple. Go to the “Settings” tab where you must add a line a for the water marking and the second step is to alter the file .htaccess to add the two lines which you’ll find in the same “Settings” tab (see previous image). Mind you, these two lines must be added followed by the phrase “RewriteBase /” and online works with the Apache rewrite module on.

We hope that this SEO images plugin is helpful to you guys and that you can regain and increase the traffic coming from Goggle Images.