WP RupeeFont

WP RupeeFont

WP RupeeFont is a WordPress plugin used to add Indian Rupee Symbol on your WordPress blog or Website. It converts all the Rs / Rs.

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05 October 2018


05 October 2018


  • Version 1.1


Converts Rs / Rs. font text to Rupee Symbol

About WP RupeeFont


What browsers are supported?

The WebRupee API is compatible with all the major browsers.

What would unsupported browsers show?

If a user having an unsupported browser visits a page which uses WebRupee API, then he would see “Rs or Rs.” depending on what the page previously displayed.

Can I use other CSS features with Rupee Symbol generated by WebRupee?

Yes, The rupee symbol generated by WebRupee is like any other text in a page, you can very well apply any of the CSS properties like color, text-shadow, font-size etc.

Will WebRupee slow down my page?

If a page is using WebRupee API, then the font files are downloaded to the site visitors computer and then the browser uses it. The files which are downloaded are less than 5KB. Once downloaded these font files are cached by the browser. So if a visitor visits a page next he is likely to have that font files already.

What if WebRupee doesn’t work for any reason? What would visitors see?

A visitor would see “Rs / Rs.” WebRupee looks for “Rs / Rs.” and converts it to the Rupee Symbol. So if for some reason WebRupee fails, it will not be able to turn “Rs / Rs.” to Rupee Symbol. So the visitos would see “Rs / Rs.”

What licensing terms are associated with WebRupee?

WebRupee is Licensed under the Apache License, Version 3.0 (the “License”).
Please visit (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html) for details.




How to install WP RupeeFont

  1. Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress